Attribution Capabilities

Google Attributionbeta brings your marketing data together to give you a complete view of your performance and insights you can use to optimize your marketing across channels and across devices.

See the entire journey.

Understand the impact of your marketing across devices and across channels.

With your marketing spread out across so many channels, it can be difficult to determine how each channel is working and which ones are truly driving sales. Google Attribution brings together all available data so you can get a more comprehensive view of your performance.

It can also be a challenge to keep track of the customer journey when a customer switches between devices. Google Attribution uses Google’s device graph to measure the cross-device customer journey and deliver insights into cross-device behavior, all while protecting individual user privacy.

Measure the impact of each marketing touchpoint.

See the true value of your marketing.

When you’re not sure which of your channels are generating results, it can be difficult to know where to invest. That’s why it’s so important to have clear visibility into the customer journey and the effect your marketing is having on consumers.

With its sophisticated data-driven machine learning approach, Attribution can determine how much credit to assign to each step in the consumer journey -- from the first time they engage with your brand for early research down to the final click before purchase. It analyzes your account's unique conversion patterns, comparing the paths of customers who convert to those who don’t, so you get results that accurately represent your business. The result? You make better cross-channel decisions and drive greater returns.

Take action.

Use more accurate performance data to optimize your marketing.

Data is only powerful in action. Integrations with Google tools like AdWords and DoubleClick make it easy to update your bids or move budget between channels based on the new, more accurate performance data.

Google Attribution 360 also includes integrations with third-party tools so you can optimize all of the channels that matter to your business.

Get insights faster.

Access your analytics and performance data with just a few clicks.

Successful attribution requires unified and organized data, but not every measurement solution gives you easy access to all your data sources. Setup can often be time-consuming and error-prone.

With Google Attribution, integrations with AdWords, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics simplify the challenge of importing your data and help you get insights faster. There’s no need for retagging and you get more accurate and complete data.

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