Audience Center 360 Capabilities

The Audience Center 360 data management platform helps you make strong decisions based on a complete understanding of your audience insights, and create relevant and engaging experiences across the entire customer journey.

Discover unique audience insights with a unified customer view.

Find your most valuable customers.

To truly understand the needs of your customers and how best to market to them, you need to tap into customer data from across all of your marketing channels. Without knowing the impact each channel is having on your audience, it becomes nearly impossible to spot opportunities with your customers.

Audience Center 360 brings together all your data ― analytics, campaign, search, email, and CRM ― and enhances it with third-party and Google exclusive data. The result helps you understand who your most valuable customers are across channels, devices, and campaigns.

Get audience insights on day one.

Access your analytics and campaign data with just a few clicks.

Setting up a new data management platform can be difficult and time consuming, requiring you to install new tags and integrate disparate data sources.

With Audience Center 360, you get native integrations with other products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite, as well as with Doubleclick Digital Marketing solutions like Doubleclick Bid Manager, which makes setup simple. And since there’s no need for retagging, you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Focus on what matters.

See what works and what to test.

Complex and time consuming tools get in the way of discovering insights.

Audience Center 360 offers powerful reports that allow you to spend your time focusing on what matters — making your marketing better. Learn where your audiences overlap, see which ad frequencies work best, or build lookalike audiences for your best-performing customers. Build, segment, and test audiences to get the best results for your business.

Take action everywhere.

Go where your audience is.

Insights lose their value if you can’t use what you’ve learned to improve your marketing.

Native integration with AdWords and DoubleClick products make it easy to turn what you learn into better ads. Use a different platform? No problem. Audience Center 360 plugs right into all the major marketing platforms, including programmatic and reservation buying, search, email, and social.

Success Stories

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BT uses Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Bid Manager to increase sales volume and efficiency.

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Using Analytics 360 integrated with DoubleClick Campaign, Matalan sees a 28% year over year increase in conversion rate, leading to increases in visits and revenue.

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eFinancialCareers boosts conversions by 423% after integrating Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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