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Market leaders are 83% more likely to use cross-device analysis in their analytical models.
Source: Econsultancy and Google, Analytics and Measurement Survey, 2016

Create a wider lens

Insights you can act on.

With the growth of mobile, consumers are interacting with brands across more touchpoints. And that creates more data. You need to gather and integrate a variety of data to provide reliable recommendations — and help drive swift action.

All your data, all in one place.

Every analyst knows that reliable reporting requires accurate data. Google Analytics 360, part of the suite, makes it quick and easy to integrate all your data sources and get a unified view of your customers’ behavior across devices and channels.

Powerful integrations, built right in.

Google Analytics 360, part of the suite, integrates with ad products you already use, like Google AdWords or DoubleClick. So you’ll get quick access to behavioral data to help you focus your marketing efforts and improve results.

Measure and Optimize

Complete measurement for stronger results.

You can’t see the full picture with siloed data. To truly understand how all of your marketing channels are working together, you need an easy way to analyze all of your available data streams.

Website Traffic Channels

See how each channel is performing.

Google Attribution 360, part of the suite, gives you a true picture of all your marketing channels. Layer on seasonality, economic conditions, and other external factors to get the most complete picture of your marketing’s impact.

Data-driven insights for the right optimizations.

Quickly spot opportunities and present actionable information. With credit assigned to every touchpoint in the customer journey, Google Attribution 360 allows you to get granular in your analysis and create highly accurate models.

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“Data visualization is key, especially when you have lots of data. The Google Analytics 360 Suite helps us put all the pieces together.”
Pawan Divakarla - Data & Analytics Business Leader, Progressive Insurance

Google Analytics 360 Suite

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The Google Analytics 360 Suite combines enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, attribution, market research, data visualization, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business. So your company can reach its goals and get better results every day, the suite includes:

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