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Google Brand Labs tips on the best tools for customer insights

Making the right move in business means making the right investments — from product enhancements to new marketing — to reach and win your ideal customer. So who is your ideal customer, and what do they really want?


Simple, affordable surveys.

Google Brand Labs shares tips on quick and easy customer insight tools. Rather than waste time and budget on old research methods, Google Brand Labs uses tools like Google Surveys to “push and pull” data and reveal customer insights.

In this article you’ll learn how Google Surveys helps you:


  • Reach people in your exact target market, by age, gender, geography, income and more.
  • Get results in days — not weeks — at a cost as little as 10 cents per completion.
  • Use fast, affordable insights to shape strategy from concept to execution.


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    See how Google Surveys helps you test your consumer insights and check customer mindsets.

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