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The Benefits of Failure: Why You Need a Marketing Failures Report

A marketing team with a growth mindset is always tweaking their digital marketing strategy and testing everything to see what succeeds — and what fails. Think about it. If your tests only reveal successes, you may not be changing your marketing strategy enough or testing it enough.

In a culture of growth, a failure means you found out a change you made didn’t help the bottom line. In other words, you learned something valuable: But how can you get everyone to see the benefits of failure?

Assess the possibilities and grow

Casey Carey, Director of Marketing for Google Analytics Solutions, shares some surprising ways to shift how your team thinks about failure, experimentation, and growth. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The surprising positivity that comes from a quarterly “failure report”
  • How to share learnings and enhance institutional memory
  • The benefits of trying new things, failing fast, and learning fast
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Maximize growth and insights by recognizing the value of failure.

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