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Get more value from your AdWords investment with Google Optimize.

When you’re shopping online, finding exactly what you’re looking for isn’t always easy. Sometimes you may even click on an ad with a customized offer, only to feel disappointed when you’re taken to a generic landing page. An inconsistent experience is frustrating for the user, and it also translates into lower sales for businesses.

Optimize beyond the ad click.

If you use AdWords to reach your customers online, you can use the Google Optimize and AdWords integration to make your marketing dollars go further. With Optimize, you can test different variations of your website, target your experiment to your AdWords keywords, and then see which variation works best for your customers and your business.

In this brief, you’ll learn how Google Optimize helps you:

  • Deliver a seamless customer journey from ad click to website
  • Make personalized online interactions with your customers
  • Identify the right landing pages for your ads with ease
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Feature Brief

Use the Optimize and AdWords integration and watch your business grow.

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