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Link AdWords and Google Analytics for deeper insights.

Ever wonder which keywords drive awareness, and which drive conversions? Maybe you’re wondering what works best with first-time visitors vs. high-value customers you already have? Or which products sell best in marketing (or remarketing) campaigns?

The answers may be easy to find by simply by linking your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts for deeper data and keyword analysis.

Improve the customer experience to improve the bottom line.

If you use AdWords to reach customers and Google Analytics to understand how they engage with your site, bring both sets of insights together for a more complete view. AdWords and Analytics are designed to work together, so linking means more insight with less work.

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • How to get beyond clicks to understanding the user path from impression to conversion
  • Ways to bring back your best customers and reach those most likely to convert
  • Get more efficient with features from automatic tagging to bulk linking
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Feature Brief

Get deeper insights to deliver more effective marketing when you link Google Analytics and AdWords.

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