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Get more from DoubleClick Digital Marketing with Analytics 360.

Does your organization have complex questions and insatiable curiosity about the why and how your campaigns are performing? From engagement to time on site, to micro-conversions and retargeting tactics, you need clearer campaign measurement.

To get the most granular view of campaign performance as well as insights that can drive campaign optimization, pair DoubleClick with Analytics 360.

Improve your DoubleClick campaigns.

Analytics 360 allows you to see how your campaigns drive traffic, to discover the full impact of ad impressions, to optimize creatives and more.

In this product overview, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of using Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • How Analytics 360 offers full flexibility to define campaign goals
  • Ways DoubleClick and Analytics 360 enable more advanced remarketing tactics
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Get more from DoubleClick digital marketing with Analytics 360.

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