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Advanced remarketing strategies powered by Analytics 360.

If you’re watching your analytics, you know a lot about your customers. You might not even realize how much you know. Are you using every bit of data intelligence you have?

Now, you can use all of your data to gain traction with advanced remarketing tactics right in Analytics 360.

3 advanced tactics.

Analytics 360 offers detailed segmentation that allows you to create targeted lists, look at interactions beyond your sites and apps, and ensure customers get the right message at the right time.

In this product overview, you’ll learn:

  • How Analytics 360 helps you build lists based on demographics, devices, and more
  • Why offline or cross-channel interactions matter for your loyalty, value, or retention goals
  • When to remarket — and with what message — based on customer lifecycle
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Three advanced remarketing strategies, powered by Google Analytics 360.

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