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Attribution drives marketing impact.

As consumers tap into more channels than ever to connect with brands, companies are demanding more accountability for the marketing dollars spent to reach them.

To respond, marketers need a clear picture of how all the nuances of digital campaigns are working — or not working. Forrester explores how attribution provides insights and answers.

Better data, better analysis, better marketing.

Attribution’s sophisticated, algorithmic measurement model provides a holistic view of the customer journey. Despite well-recognized benefits, many organizations are lagging behind in adopting this data-driven measurement best practice.

In this study from Forrester Research, find out how marketers are embracing attribution as well as:

  • Why advanced measurement is necessary to understand today’s consumer
  • Concrete steps you can take to grow your attribution practice to outpace competitors
  • Key benefits and recommendations for implementing attribution now
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Cross-channel attribution for driving marketing effectiveness.

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