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TV Attribution with Nest.

Marketers have long enjoyed the ability to track digital activity, and even attribute that activity to investments in digital channels. But, in today’s multi-screen world, we know that TV spurs digital activity as well. How can we give TV it’s due?

TV Attribution: The New Marketing Measurement Best Practice

Connecting the dots between digital data and TV airings data can allow you to accurately attribute digital activity to your TV ad spots. TV Attribution insights enable marketers to improve campaign strategies across both mass media and digital channels. The team at Nest used it to tie TV ad spend to digital results.

In this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • How TV Attribution reveals immediate TV-to-digital consumer behaviors
  • How it helps you quantify TV’s business value, optimize media buys, and empower creative teams
  • How a deeper consumer understanding and cross-channel synergy can result
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Learn how Nest used Google Attribution 360 to tie TV ad spend to digital results.

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