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Webinar Series Part 1: Setting direction for measurement.

You have invested time, effort, and sweat in maximizing the performance of each of your channels, or have you? If you are using last-click or another arbitrary attribution rule, you are most likely leaving real money on the table – maybe as much as 20%–40% of your digital ad spend.

Taking your marketing performance measurement to the next level requires pulling all the pieces together to get greater clarity on performance, within and across channels. This is where a data-driven attribution solution enters the game. In this first of the five webinar series, you’ll learn the key considerations when planning an initiative to leverage these capabilities to drive big results.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish your baseline business case to justify the investment
  • Determine your initial and scope and your longer-term vision
  • Integrate key stakeholders and agency partners into the process
  • Identify quick wins that drive real-business results
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Marketing Attribution Webinar Series Part 1: Establishing Your Game Plan

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