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Research that's fast and accurate at the same time.

Survey data is only valuable when it’s accurate. Meanwhile, business leaders and marketers are under pressure to gather survey data more quickly and more cost-effectively than ever. As a researcher, you have to wonder: Will you have to sacrifice accuracy to gain speed?

Reach them in near real-time.

With Google Surveys, the answer is no. Reach a representative sample — including thousands of responses — in as little as 48 hours. Get accurate results you can trust.

In this product overview you’ll learn how Google Surveys:

  • Performed during in-house studies matching results to known government statistics.
  • Compared with national polls and impressed polling experts in predicting elections.
  • Aligned with methodical analysis from the Pew Research Center.
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    Product Overview

    See how Google Surveys helps you reach valid samples and gather data you can trust.

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