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Creating a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

According to new research by Econsultancy, leading brands place customers at the center of their marketing strategy and use data to anticipate their needs. Read on for more insight into how these actions help separate the leaders from the pack.

Getting Smarter with Data

Believe it or not, just five years ago, the “customer journey” didn’t even register among marketers’ top priorities. Data changed everything. In a research partnership with Econsultancy, we asked leading marketers — defined for this study as those that significantly exceeded their top 2016 business goals — how they use data to put the customer first. Our findings determine that they:

  • Invest in improving the quality and/or volume of the first-party data they capture.
  • Devote resources to machine learning and other capabilities to predict customer needs.
  • Provide assistive experiences along the journey.
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Get Smarter with Customer-Centric Marketing Powered by Data

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