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Improving the customer journey with data-driven marketing

Many marketing organizations say they’re undergoing a digital transformation or becoming more “data-driven” — so what makes some more successful than others? Leading marketers are capturing data from each marketing touch point in order to get a more complete view of the customer journey. And they’re uncovering insights to support decision-making at all levels.

Integrate sources to democratize data

Data-driven marketing strategies work best when data is understood by and accessible to everyone in your organization. By bringing together data, technology, and people, you’ll ensure everyone has a stake in how data is collected and used — empowering your business to deliver better customer experiences across the board.

This one-hour webinar featuring Casey Carey, Director of Platforms & Publisher Marketing at Google, and Tauhid Zaman, KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management, explores:

  • How the customer journey has changed in recent years
  • Why leading marketers have adopted a data strategy
  • What components are critical to your organization’s data strategy
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