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7 ways marketing leaders use customer experience data

Today’s leading marketers have figured out that a data-driven strategy is essential to success. It involves more than just observing trends. Leaders use insights to provide value at each step of the customer experience.

This one-hour webinar looks at findings from recent research by Econsultancy in partnership with Google and gives practical next steps on how to use customer experience data more effectively. The webinar explores:

  • The key characteristics of leading marketing organizations
  • Why some data-driven strategies produce better results
  • How leaders approach the challenge of resourcing for analytics and measurement
  • Which areas of marketing are best suited for data-driven decision making

Listen in to learn how to steer your company on a path to data-driven marketing leadership.

This webinar features Stefan Tornquist
 VP, Research for the Americas at Econsultancy

 and Growth at Nest, and Casey Carey
 Director, Platforms and Publisher Marketing at Google

. It is created partnership with Econsultancy.

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