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Webinar: Build a marketing culture of website testing and optimization.

Customer experience and personalization will be the two top digital trends in 2020, according to an Econsultancy survey of 4,000 marketers.

Companies big and small face the same challenge: how to be useful to consumers when they want do something, discover something, or buy something. For marketers to deliver value in these moments, they need insights — which requires collecting the right data and then putting data into action to deliver personalized experiences.

A Culture of Optimization

For many businesses, getting started requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to build a culture of optimization. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices about creating this culture within your company and how it helps build better customer experiences across all touchpoints. Topics covered:

  • What is a culture of optimization?
  • The critical elements of a culture of website testing and optimization
  • Tips for building that culture in your own company
  • A case study of APMEX, a retailer that boosted revenues with continuous testing and optimization.

This one-hour webinar features Andrew Duffle, Director of Business Intelligence for APMEX, and Jon Mesh, Product Manager for Google Optimize.

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