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Why an analytics strategy today can give your company an edge tomorrow.

Customers engage with your company on more channels and devices than ever, posing greater challenges for marketers. But your brand can still deliver personalized, relevant experiences to your customers: Perspectives from a Google executive and Boston University scholar reveal that an analytics strategy can give businesses the advantage they need to stay competitive.

A digital foundation for the future

Marketers need a fully-integrated data and analytics strategy to match their messaging to today’s complex customer journeys. Research shows that leading marketers are 50% more likely than mainstream marketers to have a clear understanding of customer journeys across channels and devices. In this report, you’ll learn how:

  • Leading marketers optimize their data strategy, breaking down organizational silos and reorienting their marketing and advertising approaches.
  • Companies integrate their marketing and advertising technology stack, enabling teams to identify customer segments and deliver more personalized experiences.
  • Holistic approaches to your analytics strategy — including executive buy-in, cross-functional collaboration, and a data-driven culture of learning — are key to success.
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Discover how your analytics strategy can help you deliver personalized customer experiences — read the white paper.

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