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Discover how marketing analytics increases business performance.

Marketing measurement has never been more important. To understand how successful marketing organizations are turning all of this data into results, Google commissioned Forrester to perform an in-depth, quantitative study of 150 marketing, analytics, and information technology executives that are investing in digital channels, media, and marketing tools.

Increasing business performance with marketing analytics.

Key analytics and measurement challenges that marketers face today and how successful marketing organizations are addressing them:

  • Marketers must be able to tie marketing performance to business results. Fifty-three percent of sophisticated marketers stated they adhere to well-established marketing metrics. These top organizations are more than three times more likely to hit their goals than other marketing organizations.
  • Choosing the right tools is imperative to success. Only 26% of marketers surveyed believed that their marketing analytics tools are well integrated and work seamlessly together and nearly 60% of marketers said that marketing analytics tools are difficult to use for other stakeholders within their organizations. But marketers with integrated, easy to use tools were more likely to outperform revenue goals.
  • Successful marketers are implementing complete marketing analytics platforms. Sophisticated marketers who deploy a complete marketing analytics stack are 39% more likely to see improvement in the overall performance of their marketing programs.
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Discover how marketing analytics increases business performance.

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