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About DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business

What is DFP Small Business?

DFP Small Business is a free hosted ad serving solution that enables growing publishers to get up and running quickly while providing access to a sophisticated feature set to manage and deliver advertising across a publisher’s web, mobile, and video ad inventory.

With advanced features such as streamlined ad trafficking, inventory management, revenue optimization, and granular reporting, DFP Small Business offers a complete toolkit to easily sell ads directly to advertisers while also working dynamically to help you get the most money from inventory you sell through partners like AdSense and ad networks.

This next generation platform offers a solid foundation for growth with Google's fast and reliable infrastructure, a flexible API, and access to a robust premium solution designed to meet the needs of the world's largest publishers.

Is DFP Small Business right for me?

Please consider DFP Small Business if you:

  • Have begun receiving requests from advertisers who want to buy ad space on your website.
  • Manage multiple ad networks and need a consistent way to deliver ads that make you the most money.
  • Want to start serving ads quickly with limited training time and trafficking steps.
  • Need greater control over when, where, and to whom your ads deliver.

What are the differences between DFP Small Business and the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) premium solution?

DFP Small Business addresses the ad management and serving needs of growing publishers who prefer a self-managed, ready-to-use solution.

The DFP premium solution provides ad serving and management for publishers with large sales teams and complex sales operations who often require an advanced feature set, greater levels of customization, and enhanced partnership and consulting services.

Can I use DFP Small Business and the DFP premium solution simultaneously?

At this time you cannot use DFP Small Business and the DFP premium solution simultaneously for your website(s). If you're a DFP Small Business publisher you may upgrade to the premium solution at any time by contacting us.

Where can I find more information on DoubleClick's other publisher solutions?

Please visit DoubleClick for Publishers to learn more about additional publisher solutions from DoubleClick.

How does the integrated Google AdSense feature work?

Many publishers don't sell all of their ad inventory. In these situations, publishers might not serve any ads or might serve less valuable house ads, therefore losing potential earnings. Google AdSense is integrated with DFP Small Business so publishers will have ads to serve in an undersold situation. Using DFP Small Business you can also enable real-time competition between Google AdSense, third-party ad networks and other non-guaranteed advertisers for any inventory on your website. DFP Small Business will optimize your revenue by automatically selecting the highest paying ad. Google will always serve the highest paying AdSense ad available, and will never lower the price of the winning ad, or reduce your earnings from it.


Are there any costs associated with using DFP Small Business?

There are no costs associated with using DFP Small Business if you serve less than 90 million monthly ad impressions*. If you serve more than 90 million ad impressions per month, please contact us to learn about our DFP premium solution.

*There is no restriction on the number of monthly Google AdSense impressions you can deliver. Please refer to the DFP Small Business Program policies for full usage guidelines.

Signing up

How do I sign up for DFP Small Business?

Current Google AdSense publishers can sign up for DFP Small Business. Although you aren't required to run AdSense on your site, having an AdSense account is a technical requirement for creating a DFP Small Business account.

If you're not currently an AdSense publisher, sign up here to get started with AdSense. Once you're approved for AdSense, please return to DFP Small Business to get started.

Am I required to use Google AdSense in DFP Small Business?

Although you aren't required to run AdSense on your site, having a Google AdSense account is a technical requirement for creating a DFP Small Business account.

Is DFP Small Business available globally?

Yes. DFP Small Business is available in multiple languages to publishers around the world.

Privacy and Policies

How will Google protect my DFP Small Business data?

Here are a few ways we ensure the confidentiality and security of your information:

  • The data you enter in DFP Small Business:
    • Will be used to improve your individual experience with DFP Small Business.
    • Won't be used when providing service to other DFP Small Business users.
    • Won't be given to or accessible to other DFP Small Business users.
  • If applied toward any general product improvements, the data you enter in DFP Small Business will be combined with data from other DFP Small Business users and anonymized.
  • Transmission of your data is always encrypted by industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

For more information about Google's use of your data, please review our Terms & Conditions.

Does DFP Small Business have policies for participation that I must adhere to?

Publishers that choose to use the DFP Small Business service are required to adhere to the following policies. If you fail to comply with these policies, we may disable your DFP Small Business account. In many cases we prefer to work with publishers to achieve policy compliance; however, we reserve the right to not display ads that violate these policies, to disable ad serving on pages that violate these policies or to close offending accounts.

Please note that we may change our policies at any time, and pursuant to our Terms & Conditions, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with and adhere to the Program Policies.

How do you enforce the program policies?

We actively monitor DFP Small Business publishers to check for continued compliance with our policies. If we find publishers that do not comply with our policies or Terms & Conditions, we may suspend or terminate the account.

Are the terms and conditions negotiable?

No. The DFP Small Business Terms & Conditions are not negotiable, and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Google.

Does DFP Small Business require exclusivity?

No. DFP Small Business doesn't require exclusivity. You're free to use other ad management and ad serving products along with DFP Small Business or switch to another provider at any time.