DFP Small Business offers a complete ad serving toolkit for growing publishers including streamlined trafficking, advanced forecasting and reporting, and integrated revenue optimization. Browse the detailed feature list below to learn more.

Precisely target your ads

Control when, where, and to whom, your ads appear. Use flexible delivery controls to deliver ads how you and your advertisers want to see them.

  • Impression scheduling and pacing

    Set impression goals for directly-sold ads. Intelligent ad delivery helps ensure campaigns deliver on schedule and meet their delivery goals.

  • Tiered priorities

    Choose amongst multiple delivery types to match your sales strategy.

  • Frequency capping

    Set multiple levels of frequency capping, which limit the number of ads the same visitor sees over a minute, hour, day, week, month, or lifetime.

  • Roadblocking

    Deliver multiple creatives together on the same page.

  • Various ad pricing models

    Choose from cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-day (CPD).

  • Built-in targeting

    Target ads based on a user's geography, bandwidth, browser, browser language, operating system, and domain. Set your ads to run only during specific hours or days.

  • Customizable targeting criteria

    Target ad impressions by passing your own custom key-value pairs.

  • Creative support

    Upload creatives using image, Flash, rich media, and third-party tags. Automatic rich media macro detection.

  • Internal redirect support

    Minimize ad serving discrepancies and streamline creative insertion using creatives hosted by DoubleClick for Advertisers.

  • Creative preview

    Preview any type of creative exactly as it will appear on your website, mobile site or application before it's live.

Define your site's ad inventory

Define inventory at granular levels to match how you sell your site's ad inventory. Flexible inventory set-up and targeting expand your array of sales opportunities.

  • Inventory levels

    Define inventory at granular levels to match how you sell your site's ad inventory.

  • Simple ad tag generation

    Easily copy and paste tags directly into your HTML. Avoid the need to re-tag your site when you change the way you sell your inventory.

Maximize revenue

Enable real-time competition between Google AdSense, third-party ad networks, and other non-guaranteed advertisers for any inventory on your website. DFP Small Business will optimize your revenue by automatically selecting the highest paying ad.

  • Google AdSense integration

    Use Google AdSense, including Google Certified Ad Networks, to help fill unsold inventory or compete on price against your non-guaranteed inventory.

  • Site targeting

    Let Google AdWords advertisers bid for space on your site.

Sell your ad inventory to advertisers

Easily confirm the ad inventory you have available to sell with inventory forecasting. Avoid overbooking and underselling.

  • Granular forecasts

    Forecast how many ad impressions are available for specific dates, inventory, and targeting criteria.

  • Availability reports

    View how your delivering campaigns impact your other ads with availability reports. Ensure your most valuable ads have priority and are going to deliver on schedule.

Measure performance

Fast, flexible and robust reporting allows you to optimize campaign delivery and uncover new opportunities.

  • Multiple reporting options

    Run reports on order delivery, inventory performance, or overall sales.

  • Customizable reports

    Fast and flexible filters and drill-down reporting capabilities put critical revenue and delivery data at your fingertips.

  • Save and schedule reports

    Save and share your reports with internal stakeholders and advertisers. Schedule reports to automatically run.

  • Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited

    Feel confident in DFP Small Business' ad impression measurement process, accredited by the MRC to be fully compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards.

Streamline operations

Decrease training time and trafficking steps with an easy-to-use user interface.

  • Usability

    Intuitive user interface makes DFP Small Business easy to learn and use and minimizes the number of steps and clicks to complete a task.

  • Quick help

    Resolve any issues quickly with instant help throughout the interface.

  • Search functionality

    Quickly locate order, inventory, or advertiser data from any page in DFP Small Business.

  • International language and currency support

    Use DFP Small Business in your native language and currency.

Sell across all screens

Utilize the same workflows and features for your mobile site or application with fully integrated mobile ad trafficking, inventory management, forecasting, reporting and ad delivery.

  • Mobile targeting

    Mobile specific targeting options including device and operating system, mobile creative types, and mobile-optimized ad tags for mobile web and applications.

  • Mobile revenue optimization

    The Google AdSense and AdMob networks are integrated to help maximize your mobile ad revenue for your mobile web and application inventory. Built-in SDK mediation will help optimize your third-party ad networks.

Sell more video

Dive into selling video ads on your site’s video content with DFP Small Business.

  • Comprehensive video ad creative management

    Show pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll streaming ads, as well as overlays and companion creative sets. Create a viewer-friendly ad experience with an optional skippable ad format.

  • Video ads for all environments

    Built-in hosting and transcoding for video ad assets into a variety of formats that play across multiple screens, including mobile devices.

  • Simple workflow with trusted partners

    An integration with established video platforms makes it simple to start selling video ads.

  • Make the most from every stream

    The Google AdSense video network and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange are both integrated to help maximize your video ad revenue with a high fill rate.

Minimize costs and headaches

Pay no ad serving, hosting, maintenance, or bandwidth costs.

  • Free ad delivery

    Free ad delivery if you serve less than 90 million* monthly ad impressions. Need to serve more than 90 million monthly impressions? Please contact us to learn about our DFP premium solution.

    *There is no restriction on the number of monthly Google AdSense impressions you can deliver. Please refer to the DFP Small Business Program policies for full usage guidelines.

  • Hosted solution

    There's no software to install or hardware to maintain. Fully supported by Google so you don't have to worry about manual system updates or downtime.

Ad delivery powered by Google

Ad serving powered by Google's fast and reliable infrastructure. Seamless access to Google's suite of ad serving solutions and a modern API to meet your needs as you grow.

  • Reliability

    Hosted and powered by Google's fast and reliable infrastructure.

  • Flexible API

    A modern, web-services API and focused developer support streamlines integration and promotes third-party platform innovation.

  • Access to premium features

    Upgrade easily to DFP's premium solution at any time, ensuring that the DFP platform will continue to meet your needs as your business grows.