How it works

Learn how DFP Small Business can help you grow you digital advertising business.

1. Define your ad inventory

Imagine printing a hard copy of your home page and cutting out all of the ad space. These empty spaces comprise your ad inventory and represent what you can sell to advertisers. Define your inventory to get started with DFP Small Business.

Learn more about inventory management

2. Sell your inventory to advertisers

You’re now ready to sell your ad inventory to advertisers. Confirm the number of ad impressions or clicks you have available to sell with inventory forecasting, agree on campaign terms, and reserve the inventory.

Learn more about inventory forecasting

3. Create your campaigns

If your advertiser has specific campaign goals, add in additional delivery and targeting options such as geography, day and time, or custom targeting criteria you define.

Learn more about ad trafficking and delivery

4. Maximize revenue (optional)

For any inventory you haven’t sold yourself, don’t fret. Enable Google AdSense to ensure you always have an opportunity to earn the most money from your content.

Learn more about revenue optimization

5. Deliver your ads

After uploading creatives, your ads are ready to deliver. Google's fast and reliable infrastructure and intelligent ad delivery engine helps ensure campaigns deliver on schedule and meet their campaign goals.

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6. Measure performance

With your ads now delivering, check their performance with fast, flexible and robust reporting. Optimize campaign delivery and uncover new opportunities.

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