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Small version of Google's free Mail system, which previews your inbox.
Author: Google Engineering
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Facebook Login Button

The Login Button redirects you to You can use it also on Blogger.
Requires Google Toolbar 5


Search in Google Maps by Location - Just enter search term and location - Scroll Throught the Nearest Results - Get Phone Number and even Directions!! The Best
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Download music for free!

This gadget allows you to download music for free! All you have to do is type the name of the song in the search bar and click "search". You will enjoy listening to your favorite music artists and more! You can adopt a virtual pet too by clicking on the paw icon.
Author: Estiven E
Requires Google Toolbar 5

web design templates

web design templates,templates web design, website templates, web templates, templates, free web design templates, download free web design templates, web design templates, web design templates free,new web design templates, web design website templates, web design templates free, free web design...
Author: superstar
Requires Google Toolbar 5


Online payment service for individuals and merchants. Allows users to send money and bills to anyone with e-mail.
Author: ibh2000
Requires Google Toolbar 5

IMEEM Music Player v 0.1

Play any song from! Just type the arist name you want to listen to, i.e. Green Day
Author: Krats Ael
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Live Forex Rates , Live Currency Rates .

2 in 1 , Live Forex Rates ,Live Currency Rates,For more gadgets please visit , , , .
Author: news
Requires Google Toolbar 5 - Budapest szmogtérképe

Budapest legfrissebb szmogtérképét befűzheted az oldaladra, így bármikor láthatod a legfrissebb szmog adatokat!
Author: Janko
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Search Patents on Espacenet Patent search

EPO online services - Searching for patents - Smart search.
Author: S.H. Yang
Requires Google Toolbar 5


A simple IP address calculator
Author: Chung, Hyung-Hwan
Requires Google Toolbar 5

TfL (Transport for London) Journey Planner

A journey planner widget for the TfL (Transport for London) system. Choose your starting point and destination, either as a station/stop, postcode, address or PoI (place of interest). Press the Leave Now button to start your query. Have a pleasant journey !
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Vancouver, Canada Weather Widget

Planning a city trip, waiting for an event, or just want to check out the weather? Get this tool to obtain useful weather information for this city.
Requires Google Toolbar 5

ILP India

Create a pull down menu bar
Author: Sashikumar
Requires Google Toolbar 5

CSS Color Table

A visual table for quick reference of color to hex decimal for CSS.
Author: hjhorse
Requires Google Toolbar 5

slow cooker recipes

Step By Step Cooking Masterclass
Author: morfesb
Requires Google Toolbar 5

SEO Tip of the Day

Revised for 2011. The first SEO Tip of the Day gadget displays a tip daily about SEO.Also helps your visitors to learn one SEO tip per day.You can see new SEO tip each day, it changes daily.Try now!
Author: Jagadeesh M
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Date-Time 2 JackAngel

Enhanced Google Date and time ,with calender and week.By JackAngel.V2.3
Author: JackAngel Jack Liu
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Free eBooks

Search for eBooks, Books, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Brochures & Catalogs, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs on . Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word. Scribd is a Web ...
Author: Scribd_
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Bruce Springsteen Music Player

Bruce Springsteen Music Player - Listen to full length songs from your favorite artist using this pre-made playlist! Keywords: song, music, mp3, streaming, play, download, radio, hits, mp3s, stream, popular, top, bands, singers, albums, free, grooveshark
Author: AtlasLabs
Requires Google Toolbar 5


Check out your account and your friend's updates with this Facebook widget. social,network,facebook
Author: Facebook
Requires Google Toolbar 5


play with your own adopted animal .
Author: ibh2000
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Movie Schedules in the Philippines (source:

Movie Schedules in the Philippines (source:
Author: The Sphinx
Requires Google Toolbar 5

Find all your cooking needs for every occasion at the largest online cooking store. At your sure to find all the cooking items you could imagine, such as cookware, recipes, cookbooks, quality kitchenware, small appliances, cutlery, bakeware, shopping, major brands, gift ideas, cookboo...
Author: Jason Whitfield
Requires Google Toolbar 5












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