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Does your company have proven experience in marketing mix modeling? Our Partner program can help you share that experience with more clients.

Program benefits

See how Google can help your business flourish.

Grow your measurement business by leveraging Google’s data, dedicated resources, and support.

Tap into a wealth of resources and expertise from Google, including:

  • Dedicated Google resources and support for obtaining Google media data
  • Partner-specific training on interpreting and using Google media data
  • Thought leadership and research from industry practitioners and academics
  • Opportunities to meet other marketing mix modeling vendors at Google-hosted events

Membership in the program also offers you:

  • Official status as a Marketing Mix Model Partner
  • A listing in Google’s partner directory
  • Co-marketing opportunities for select partners

Application process

Here’s what you’ll need to participate.

All potential partners are reviewed by the Marketing Mix Model Partners team. To become a partner, you’ll need to complete the following three steps:

  • Submit the initial application form below.
  • Answer a follow-up questionnaire to help us learn more about your business.
  • If selected, participate in an interview to assess program fit and determine final acceptance.

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