Trademark Authorisation Procedure

AdWords Trademark Authorisation Process

In order for Google to allow the use of a trademark that we are investigating for per the complaint of the trademark owner, we require direct authorisation from the trademark owner (or contact person listed on the trademark complaint). As such, please review the below criteria to determine whether you are eligible to submit an authorisation request form.


We only accept authorisation requests directly from the trademark owner or from the contact person listed on the trademark complaint. We are not able to accept requests from regional branches or subsidiaries of the trademark owner, unless they are the contact person listed on the trademark complaint form or previously authorised by the trademark owner.

We only accept non-conditional authorisation requests. Therefore, please do not include conditions for which the trademark may only be used, such as time period or type of ad content. We are only able to prohibit or allow all use of a particular term by an advertiser. Trademark owners may revoke the authorisation at any time.

Please do not use this form unless you are the trademark owner or the contact person listed on the trademark complaint. Trademark owners may also use this form to authorise their own accounts.

If you agree with the statements above, please note the following:

  • To submit your authorisation online, complete the required fields and select the "Submit" button provided.
  • To submit your authorisation via mail or fax, please complete the following steps:
    1. Fill in all required fields on our online authorisation form.
    2. When finished, select the "Submit" button provided.
    3. Finally, print the email confirmation and send it to one of the following addresses:

      Google Ireland
      Attn: Advertising Legal Support Team
      Gordon House
      Barrow Street
      Dublin 4

    4. Or via fax to: + 35315433448
      Attn: Google AdWords Authorisation Request

      Or via email to

If you have additional questions, please visit our AdWords Help Centre for our FAQ.